I.M.X’ DJ career is closely tied to the breakthrough of house music in his native country, The Netherlands. He started playing hip-hop, breaks and general charts music at the age of 12, setting up his own mobile disco called Delicious Beats, not being allowed to play in bars yet due to age restraints. 

The late 80’s and early 90’s saw the advent of house music in Europe in what is now recognized and labelled the (second) summer of love. He instantly became a passionate follower and early adapter of the bespoke Dutch House sound, making waves in the local house scenes. Through residencies in various clubs throughout the Netherlands, he grew a following that brought him in the middle of this new house music movement. Soon gigs followed across Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece and Italy.

Musically, his style covered a lot of the areas of a developing house scene over the years as well: from what is now classic house, to hardstyle (gabber in Dutch), and trance and, at a later stage, progressive house, tech house and techno.

Through his professional career, he lived in many countries and managed to play and get residencies in most of them. Cities include Barcelona, Prague, New York, Houston, Sao Paolo, Warsaw, Auckland, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok and Singapore.

Singapore currently serves as his base, where he runs his own brands of parties (Tiki Cheeky Pool Parties and Re:Hab), is a resident DJ of the District collective and Silent Disco Asia and a much requested guest DJ for various organisations across Asia. 

During the summer you can find him touring Europe, playing at various festivals and open air parties such as Standon Calling and Gay Pride Amsterdam. Of course, a visit to and some gigs on the White Isle are always on the itinerary as well!